BOOSTane 55 Gal Drum

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Boostane_55 Gal.png

BOOSTane 55 Gal Drum


Please contact BSE directly in order to purchase Boostane in 55 gallon drums.

Born from racing, BOOSTane is a proven product from years of engineering and racing pedigree. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending blend, BOOSTane effectively raises your octane 15 points. With a 55 gallon drum, you can be the life of the racing party. 

Click here for independent third party octane testing and mixing chart. 

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Transform your pump gas into racing-grade fuel with BOOSTane.

– 15 Point Octane level increase
– Safe for use with catalytic converters and O2 Sensors
– Works in all internal combustion engines, from powerboats to ATV’s, Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction.


*Hazmat shipping option only.